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Black and White vs. Color Printing

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Finding the right printer for your home or office depends on your printing needs. Are you printing more typed work or are you printing photos and graphs? Whatever you plan to print the most will determine the best printer for you. Carraway Office Solutions has a wide selection of black and white and color printers for you to choose from. They come in all sizes and print capacities, so there is one for every job.

Black and White Printers

Almost all black and white printers use monochrome ink, which can produce black and grayscale colors, making it perfect for text and shading. Along with black ink will be a toner cartridge which applies a thin layer of plastic over the ink to prevent smudging and give your print a glossy look. Monochrome ink cartridges are normally cheaper than color cartridges and toners are long lasting. Carraway Office Solutions has a wide variety of black and white printers which includes the following:


  • Produces documents at 52 pages per minute
  • Has preventative maintenance intervals of up to 500,000 pages


  • Produces documents at 37 pages per minute
  • Great for small work groups and individual use


  • Produces documents at 51 pages per minute
  • Great for businesses with high volume print jobs

Color Printers

Color printers work the same as black and white printers but they come with three additional cartridges. Cyan, magenta and yellow are able to produce a wide range of colors as well as black. These printers may also come with toner, but if you plan to print a lot of photographs, this may not be ideal. Colored printers are great for businesses that need to print at a high-speed and need colored prints. Color printers are also great for in-home use. If your children are constantly on the computer for their homework assignments they may benefit from a color printer. Carraway Office Solutions has plenty of options to choose from:

ECOSYS P6021cdn

  • Produces documents at 23 pages per minute
  • Meets daily printing needs and has wireless print capabilities

ECOSYS P6130cdn

  • Produces documents at 32 pages per minute
  • Perfect for small workgroups or individual use, and offers wireless printing

ECOSYS P8060cdn

  • Produces documents at 60 pages per minute
  • Great for businesses with large volume tasks with high-quality color

Why Choose Carraway Office Solutions?

For the full list of black and white and color printers visit our website. Carraway Office Solutions has the printer perfect for any home or office. Explore our options and get the right printer to keep your jobs printing smoothly.