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Tips to Keep Your Printer Running Like New

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Office printers can be pricey, but maintaining one properly doesn’t always have to be. Following a few, quick and easy steps on a regular basis can keep your office’s printer running like new for longer. A regular maintenance plan from your office solutions Greenville NC provider, followed by some regular TLC can save you thousands down the road.

Regular Cleaning

Physically keeping your printer clean may seem like an obvious tip but it is a crucial step that is often overlooked. Printer issues are commonly caused by dusty or dirty machines that were neglected for too long. Using the correct office supplies Greenville NC based on its owner’s manual to clean a printer can increase its lifespan and output. Our expert maintenance engineers recommend regular cleaning of all office machines on a bi-monthly basis for best results. Carraway Office Solutions experienced staff understands that correctly cleaning your printers can be challenging which is why offer maintenance packages designed to keep your printer running like new.

Paper Maintenance

Paper jams are an ever common issue resulting from poor printer maintenance. Paper can sometimes be lodged into a portion of the printer that can cause internal damage, even though the user may be unaware of this. Regularly checking the amount of paper placed in the tray and the printer for jams can help reduce damages from clogged-related issues. When placing the paper in the tray don’t overfill the printer. Place the paper neatly and gently to allow the printer to pull from the tray correctly. Most importantly use the correct office supplies Greenville NC for your printer. Not all printers are the same, and not all printers can accept specific paper sizes.

Ink Maintenance

Much like paper, using the incorrect ink cartridge for your printer can cause your printer to malfunction and shorten its overall lifespan. Jamming in the wrong size cartridge into your printer may cause pieces of your printer to break ultimately resulting in large expenses. Using cheap or off-brand ink can also cause your printer to work harder to achieve less than stellar results. Consult with your office solutions Greenville NC team to find the right ink for you.

Office Solutions Greenville NC Maintenance Plans

With regular maintenance, your printer can run at peak performance for longer. Carraway Office Solutions’ expert maintenance team can help you keep your printer running longer. Our experienced staff has the know-how to fix most make and models and our localized approach can get your local business back up and running fast. We also offer a large variety of office supplies Greenville NC to help you never miss a beat. For more information visit our website.