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The Perfect Printer Experience

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In most offices, printers are a necessary evil. Whenever you need it the most, something always goes wrong. Paper jams, empty ink cartridges, empty paper trays, the list goes on. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the printer but it just won’t cooperate. What if it didn’t have to be that way. What if your office had a printer that worked so perfectly that you didn’t even notice it was there. In order to achieve this it is important to pick the right printer. Here are some tips to help you get started down the path to printer perfection.


Print Load

The first thing to think about is your employees. How many people are going to be using your printer every day? How many print jobs are they going to need? The hardest question to answer will be: how well will they maintain the printer? Underestimating the print load that your printer needs to handle can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. Your printer will wear out quickly if it’s outputting a heavier load than intended. Printer maintenance is a major factor in your printer’s longevity. If your employees are having to keep up the printer themselves, it can cause problems that can ruin the printer.



Today, few printers are just printers. There are a host of features you can choose from to turn your printer into a multi-functioning all-in-one machine that that fulfills your every office need. However, be careful not to over-purchase. Sure, the fax machine/scanner/printer/coffee maker is cool but you might be paying for features you won’t use as often as you think.


Printer Maintenance

Once you’ve picked the right printer you’ll need to maintain it, or maybe not. If you choose the self-maintenance route you could save some money initially. However, this means you’ll have to rely on the printer knowledge of the people in your office. When you’ve got your designated printer expert spending a full workday researching error codes, you might quickly lose your savings to productivity. Printers can be deceptively complicated, and we’re all confident in our printer-fixing capabilities until it actually comes time to fix them. Hiring a professional to repair and maintain your printer could be the best way to save productivity and increase the longevity of your office equipment.


At Carraway Office solutions, We’ve got decades of experience in offering office business services in Greenville, NC. We can get you the office equipment you need and the maintenance to keep it running. If you’re ready for that perfect printer, give us a call at (252) 752-4661.