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Advantages of Multifunction Printers

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Most printer manufacturers offer multifunctional models that provide the capabilities of multiple machines in a single unit. These devices often include print, scan, copy and fax capabilities in an all-in-one machine. Originally these devices were marketed for home and small business users, but many manufacturers now offer larger and more robust models for medium to large business use. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a multifunction printer helps you make an informed decision when purchasing new equipment.


Multifunction printers offer the convenience of additional features you may not have purchased otherwise. If you normally do not send or receive many fax messages, you may not have invested in a separate fax machine. A multifunction printer that includes fax capabilities allows you to send or receive the occasional fax that you wouldn’t have received prior. Being able to scan an item and then printing that image using the same machine is super convenient as well.

Space Savings

One of the best advantages of a multifunctional printer is the amount of space it saves. Rather than having to find a place for your printer, scanner, and fax machine, you can have all those machines in one confined space. This benefits your office because it is less clogged with business applications and helps keep it organized. Plus, let’s not forget the convenience aspect.

Power Savings

Typically, multifunction printers require only one cord to power the entire setup. One cable not only reduces congestion, but it also reduces the amount of electricity needed to run the device. These power savings also lead to increased cost savings.


The largest disadvantage of a multifunction printer is when an issue occurs. The multifunction aspect of the device could also be a disadvantage. This is because if one function of the device fails, all the other features could also fail. A problem with ink or toner could prevent you from printing, faxing, and scanning. Another disadvantage of a multifunction printer could be a lack of quality of performance when compared to a single function device. The fax machine on a multifunctional device may not offer all the features of a single fax machine.

How Can Carraway Office Solutions Help?

Carraway Office Solutions is here to help you manage all aspects of your business in the workspace. Carraway offers all types of office equipment including printers, fax machines, and scanners, as well as paper and ink. Carraway can also provide you with business solutions to help easily manage your workflow. Business applications can be very beneficial to you and your team in keeping organization and security in check.

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