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Buying the Right Printer

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Are you starting a new business? Is your office growing? Do you need to upgrade your workspace? It may be time to begin printer shopping. Here are some ideas of what to think about when specifying your needs and wants.

Size of Your Company

Begin by assessing the number of employees you currently have and are planning to obtain in the next few years. You should then calculate about how many pages each employee prints, copies or faxes on average by day and week. Keep in mind each printer cartridge will have different page yields, and different monthly duty cycles. You’ll want to think about this before choosing a printer since the price of different accessories can be drastic. This could potentially cost your business hundreds of dollars if you are constantly changing or replacing them.

Connection Options

Assess your office and current printer, if you are a small group think about the convenience of Wi-Fi, and adding this feature to your office printer. Many printers offer connectivity options and applications which can allow you to print from desktops, tablets, and cell phones. Stray away from only using USB and be able to print documents from anywhere, saving time and increasing productivity.

Color Specifications

Does your firm print in ink? Decide if you are good with black and white, or if printing color documents could be beneficial to your company. If you are constantly printing in color, the main decision to be made would be choosing between laser printing or inkjet. Laser printing has become much more affordable, and more versatile when purchasing printers. However, inkjet is convenient when printing odd shaped documents such as brochures, flyers or advertisements. The price point between both varies. If you are constantly printing in color, laser printers could be cost-effective, however, if you only print bright documents occasionally, inkjet printers will have a lower upfront cost.

Carraway Office Solutions is here to help you assess your needs and wants specifically. With dozens of printers and multifunctional products to choose from, contact Carraway Office Solutions to get started with your order.