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Decorating an Office for Success

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When designing your office space, it’s important to keep in mind not only functionality but style as well. It will be what your customers see as the front facing aspect of your business. We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when you’re decorating your office to ensure it brings you success.

Make First Impressions Count

The first thing people do is walk through the front door. What will they see? Be sure they see a smiling face and clean workspace. That first impression can set the tone for any meetings or negotiations that might occur during their visit. If the front area is busy, chaotic, and sloppy, they will transfer that to the rest of the business and might decide against working with your company.

Have Order in The Office

It’s important to know the organizational structure of your business. Who is the top dog? Who does the intern report to? Who is equal and who is a subordinate? Understanding that dynamic in the office helps keep people and work in order. It’s usually easier to figure out that organizational system in a larger business than smaller, but it’s a goal to work towards for the future.

Efficient Communication System

When communicating in your office, it’s best if you don’t yell across cubicles. We recommend finding a system that works best for your business. That might be an internal communication system such as Slack, or maybe your programming department has another internal option. Sometimes it might even be easier just to get up and walk to the person’s office. The key is to have open communication to allow employees the option of talking to who they need to talk to without feeling neglected.

Include Some Color

Google Offices

Google’s Office in Manhattan

It can be easy when picking out office furniture and decorations to get swept into choosing black, gray/silver, and white. We want to push that it’s important to include some color. As a company, having your brand’s colors throughout your office space shows community for the brand, but also adds a brightness to the room. There are even studies relating to different colors being known to enhance specific emotions in people. For example, red is passionate and important, blue is trustworthy and inviting, and yellow is happy and friendly. You can even implement a color scheme like Google and have all the colors!

Eliminate Clutter

Finally, get rid of the clutter. As mentioned in the first impressions, an unorganized, messy, cluttered office can imply a haphazard business. The last thing a business needs is to look like they can’t file a paper. We’ve got a blog about Organizing an Office to help you identify ways to keep your business efficient. By keeping your office space looking clean and organized, your company will be ready for any client that walks through your doors!


If you have any more questions about decorating your office, don’t hesitate to reach out! If you are looking for a printer that won’t take away from the design and decorations of your office we can help. We’ve got plenty of office printer options for you to select from so we can help you find the perfect printer fit for your office space all while keeping the decor in mind.