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Designing an At-Home Office Space

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We have all been affected in one way or another by the pandemic that has taken up most of the 2020 year. Canceled travel plans, businesses, and offices closed, and many lost their jobs. If you are among the few who were moved to working from home, you may feel lucky, until your kitchen table is covered in papers, notes, and office equipment. Working from home can be enjoyable, but when you have a designated place for you to get down to business. Carraway Office Solutions is here to help you understand a few essential components and printer solutions Greenville NC for your at-home office during and after quarantine.

Selecting Your Desk

Choosing which desk to put in your office is key to begin designing your at-home work area. If you are the type that has mile-high stacks of papers on and around your desk at all times, selecting one that has storage cabinets and filing folders might work best. However, if everything is stored on your laptop, and maybe your area might be a bit snug with a bulky storage cabinet, purchasing a smaller, simpler desk with one or two drawers for key components should do the trick.

Choosing Your Chair

After your desk, the next thing you use on a daily basis is your office chair. Choosing one that is the right height, width, and cushion amount for you is not only imperative for your concentration and comfort while working, but for the overall health of your lower back, shoulders, and neck.

Applying Appliances

Now that you have your basics down, gathering what essential appliances your office needs for you to complete daily tasks such as faxing, printing, working on multiple documents, and other requirements. Thankfully Carraway Office Solutions has the printer solutions Greenville NC you are looking for. Offering rental printers and printers for purchase, you can find the exact machine you need to fit all of your required duties for work.


Lastly, to top off your at-home office area is decorating. A few simple pieces that bring in style while being functional are key. Accessories such as pen holders, picture frames, plants, lamps, rugs, basically any decorative addition you can think of that brings happiness to you will tie your room together and help you enjoy your workspace more.

If you are stuck in the situation of being unsure about returning to your office building, don’t hesitate a second longer on creating a space to focus within your own home. Designating an area specifically for work allows you to dial in on what needs to be done, and to leave the job behind once the door is shut behind you. Make sure to have all of the essentials such as a proper desk, comfortable chair, and the perfect printer solutions Greenville NC that your work area needs.

Carraway Office Solutions

Working from home can be stressful at times, and we want to make it easier. Local businesses have their perks, and Carraway Office Solutions offers in-home service and repairs to all our customers. Just give us a call, send us an email or stop in, and we can give you the help you need. Products are always changing, but the value and commitment to customer service will always stay the same at Carraway Office Solutions. Contact us today for all of your printer solutions Greenville NC!