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Implimenting Mobile Printing for Workplace Production

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With businesses finally beginning to welcome employees back into their workspace, contactless and social distance orders are being implemented. Along with these new guidelines, employees have gotten adjusted to working from their own devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones when working at home. To make office life easier, fulfill the wishes of your employees by establishing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy. This allows your workers to use their own tablets and smartphones when completing work and printing documents. With a Kyocera printer Greenville NC from Carraway Office Solutions, you will not only be able to keep your employees happy and productive, but you will also reap the benefits.

In most cases mobile printing goes like this:

  1. The employee wants to print to a nearby printer but an error occurs.
  2. They struggle for a bit trying to connect.
  3. They call the helpdesk and ask for technical support.
  4. The helpdesk has to spend time assessing the situation.
  5. IT receives a support ticket and has to revisit the issue.
  6. IT makes the proper changes in the print management software.
  7. The employee is finally told that they can print after a few hours, or are told their device is unsupported and aren’t able to.

In these instances, it hurts productivity, limiting the benefits of BYOD policies, however with Carraway Office Solutions printer Greenville NC free connection and service of your Kyocera printers, you can skip these steps and mobile printing in your office will look more like this:

  1. The employee wants to print to a nearby printer from a mobile device.
  2. They send their print job using a clear, convenient method.

By initiating a BYOD policy and setting up a foolproof Kyocera mobile printing device with Carraway Office Solutions, you eliminate the stress of connection errors and crowding around machines looking at codes and messages. To do this, contact Carraway Office Solutions today or visit one of our two offices located in Greenville or Kinston North Carolina to learn more about setting up your mobile printer Greenville NC.

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