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Ink versus Toner: What’s the Difference

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Ink and toner might have the same purpose, but are they the same thing? Understanding the difference can help you better understand not just the printing process but your printer as a whole. If you’re unsure which to use for your printer, reach out to your local office solutions Greenville NC provider.


Printer ink, much like other types of ink, comes in a liquid form. Generally, ink can come in plain black, as well as color. In most cases, the color cartridges come in four primary colors which are then mixed together to create the color needed. A mixture of cyan, magenta, and yellow along with black are readily available for most inkjet style printers and are the most common mixture of colors for both home and office solutions Greenville NC. On average, ink cartridges are the more inexpensive option when it comes to your printing needs. Ink prints also tend to be better defined and are less prone to smudging than those of toner-based printers.


Toner cartridges use a powder to make prints rather than liquid ink. Toner cartridges are often associated with laser printers. Much like inkjet printers, the primary cartridge color for toner-based printers is black. As toner is more costly than ink, most consumer laser printers only offer black cartridges. However, more commercial printers have a color option which is available from office solutions Greenville NC. While more expensive, toner-based cartridges allow for more prints per cartridge than those of ink cartridges. Furthermore, it takes less time to print a laser print than the average ink print.

Get Your Ink and Toner From Office Supplies Greenville NC

Now that you know the difference between ink and toner it’s time to get your printer the cartridge it needs. Carraway Office Solutions’ expert supplies team can help you keep your printer running longer. Our experienced staff has access to any supply to keep your printer running when you need it. We also offer a large variety of office supplies Greenville NC to help you never miss a beat. For more information visit our website.