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Print Less and Save

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While some offices are taking steps toward becoming paperless, it is not a feasible option for others. In order to become more modest in your office’s printing habits, here are a few ways you can save paper and money:

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Shared Printers

Some offices have personal printers for each employee, which means each printer needs ink and paper and has to be maintained. Switching to a shared printer will save paper and money. To slow down printing habits, refrain from placing the shared printer in a corner. Instead, place it near the office manager or the person in charge of restocking them. People will be more likely to regulate their printing habits when it is located near another person.

Virtual Print Queue

Many people print something twice, forgetting that they already printed it the first time. Virtual printer queues require the person to be at the printer before their job is printed, so they will be there to retrieve it once it prints.

Double-Sided Printing

People may forget to change the settings from single-sided to double-sided when printing, so change the default to automatically print double-sided. Other useful defaults include greyscale, draft mode, and shrink to fit.

Track Individual Use

Use managed print services to monitor individual printer usage. When people know that their actions are being tracked, they are more likely to reduce their usage.

Reduce Margins

Changing the margins on your papers can reduce paper use by up to 14%.

Change Fonts

Changing your fonts can help you use less ink. For example, use Century Gothic instead of Arial. Times New Roman will also do the trick.

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