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Printer Service Greenville NC Shares Printer Buying Tips

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Buying a printer is an investment, and naturally, you want a good return on investment. Carraway Office Solutions, your local printer service Greenville NC, believes that means purchasing a printer that is durable and reliable. With technology constantly changing, it is important to find a printer that fulfills your needs now and in the future. Carraway Office Solutions has been serving the Greenville community for over 50 years. We offer customers a wide range of products to meet their needs, and we are here today to offer you some tips on what exactly to look for when buying a new printer.

  • Print speed. If you know you are going to be printing in bulk frequently, then print speed is something you need to consider when comparing printer options. Printer speed is measured in pages per minute and will usually be listed as the “PPM rating” on the box. This rating represents how many pages of black text the printer can output in one minute. Avoid being the employee hanging out by the printer all day waiting for documents by paying attention to print speed.
  • Affordability. Similar to several other buying decisions, you need to have a budget in mind when going to select your new printer. The cost of printers varies greatly, and you have to look past the upfront cost to consider the ongoing maintenance cost, too. Printers need continuous ink replacements, and it isn’t uncommon for the cheapest printers to use some of the most expensive ink. As our customer, you can conveniently submit an order form for ink cartridge and toner replacements directly through Carraway Office Solutions printer service Greenville NC.
  • Print quality. For businesses and organizations, a printer is a means of guaranteeing quality products for customers. Plus, if you’ve taken the time to create a digital design, then your printer should be able to transfer that design to produce a quality print. While many things affect print quality, the main spec to look for is a printer’s DPI or dots per inch. DPI measures how accurately a printer replicates the pixels of a source image, so the higher the DPI, the better the quality.
  • Wireless connectivity. Our working world largely relies on WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as technologies continue to evolve and allow us to go wireless. Although some may still appreciate the familiarity of wired connectivity via a USB port, the majority of printers have cut the cord and gone wireless. Carraway Office Solution proudly carries Kyocera printers at our printer service Greenville NC. Some of our Kyocera printer models are compatible with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print which enables users to print remotely.

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Carraway Office Solutions, your local printer service Greenville NC, is committed to meeting the productivity needs of Eastern North Carolina businesses and organizations. We understand that finding the perfect printer can be challenging, but we hope that you now have a better idea of what to look for when you are comparing options. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable employees about our office solutions today!