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Printing Tips from Pro Office Solutions Greenville, NC Business

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When it comes to printing, saving money is a priority for most. Replacing printer cartridges can be a frustrating cost, and anything you can do to save on ink costs can help! Here at Carraway Office Solutions, we have tips that can save you money and save you time! Continue reading to learn more about conserving your time with these Carraway office solutions Greenville, NC tips.

Use Both Sides!

Utilize both sides of a page when printing documents. Saving paper is important, especially in today’s environment. This tip is user-friendly as equally as it is environmentally friendly. Using both sides of the paper is easier to handle and store for document keeping.

Edit Out What You Don’t Need

Turns out, our professors weren’t lying when they said that editing and proofreading are important. By proofreading your documents, you can check for any errors and misspellings. Grammar checking is important as well. In this process, you may realize that you’ve over-explained a section or written an overly wordy sentence. This is the time to cut bits out and edit parts that need revision! In turn, this may reduce word count, resulting in less ink that needs to be used for the document. Carraway Office solutions Greenville, NC recommends utilizing a grammar-checking platform such as Grammarly to check over your documents.

Reuse Waste Paper

This tip is important, especially if you’re printing a document for your personal viewing. If you need to print something out that won’t go to anyone else, it’s ok to use the backside of a printed document if there’s no writing on it! Not only will this save you paper, but this will also help you consolidate your documents!

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Saving money and resources is so important! We hope that these tips help you with your printing needs. To learn more about how we can help you save, visit our website! We’d love to talk with you about how we can elevate your office solutions Greenville, NC needs.