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Renting A Printer For Your Office

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At Carraway Office Solutions, we provide many different products and services for your business. Keeping your office running smoothly is our goal.  We will help you find the best printer for your business.

Printers vary in their capabilities. There are variations in output speed, different ink cartridges and toners, sheet size, and total page count.  For some of our Kyocera’s, you can load and print just 100 pages. For others, you can print up to 1,000 sheets.  Some machines are multifunctional and also include faxing and scanning capabilities.

Suiting Your Office Needs

Let us know what your business needs and we will help you find the best match.  If you fax and scan documents at your office, you will want to purchase a new multifunctional Kyocera from us. Just come in and pick one of our products out or select one over the phone by telling us exactly what you need.

However, you do not have to buy a printer from us. At Carraway, we offer specials on our product rentals.  You can pick a multifunctional Kyocera printer and rent it from us.  Renting is a simple way to keep your office running efficiently.

We will deliver the rental to your business, provide quick setup, and give a presentation on how to use your new office printing machine.

Terms and prices may vary but we would be happy to answer your questions and get you set up with a great new machine.

Research pricing online to find out more about leasing office supplies. According to Automated Business Products, businesses pay between $100 and $650 per month for a multifunctional copy machine rental.  Color copiers are popular rentals, usually running about $50 per month.  Whether you want to lease a machine for one day, week, six months, or one year, we have you covered.

With our rentals, we also offer maintenance and support.

Easy Setup & Demo Provided

The demonstration after setup will cover how to copy and scan on the particular machine. Your desktop will get linked to the machine for printing and faxing.  Printing capabilities will also be explained.  After set up, your office is good to go.

Instead of purchasing your next printer, rent one from us and enjoy the many advantages of renting a printer. Get your product delivered, set up, maintained, and removed by us. Contact us today.