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Safety Tips For Shredders In The Workplace

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Whether you need your shredder to help with privacy concerns or just want a better way to reduce your waste from paper products and materials, your office shredder is a valuable piece of equipment in the workspace. Your shredder is also probably the most dangerous piece of equipment in the office, so it’s important to know how to stay safe when operating it.


  • Be sure to read any information provided on the shredder in the owner’s manual with a focus specifically on safety precautions. This will help to refresh you on what not to do when using your shredder.
  • Inspect the shredder for any damages or defects before using it. Damages to the shredder can leave the teeth exposed making it easier for you to have an accident while shredding.
  • In the event that the shredder you’re prepared to operate is damaged and can’t be safely used, inform your supervisor and make sure it is taken out of service so nobody gets hurt.

When Operating

  • Always remain alert and focused on the shredding task at hand when operating a shredder. Dozing off or giving something else your attention while feeding paper into the shredder makes it really easy for your fingers to be next.
  • Keep jewelry, long hair, or loose clothing away from the feed opening. This means ties, lanyards, necklaces, long sleeves and anything else you can think of that might hang over the feed opening on your shredder.

After You Shred

Don’t forget that paper is easily recycled and there are many ways you can re-use your shredded paper products again. In the workplace, you might find that using your shredded paper as a packing material is the way to go, but you can also take it home and use it as kindling to get your fireplace or campfire started. Many animal shelters are also willing to take your shredded paper off your hands for bedding or litter purposes. Just don’t forget to keep your plastic shredding waste separate from your paper waste and you’ll be all set to re-use your shredded paper waste however you’d like.

Carraway Office Solutions | Safety Tips For Shredders

There is no reason for anyone to get hurt while using a shredder. Make sure you’re following the safety tips above to prevent any unnecessary workplace injuries from occurring. If you don’t have a shredder in the office just yet and have discovered you need one, Carraway Office Solutions can offer you shredders and other office products to help your office staff take care of business. To learn more ways Carraway Office Solutions can help you, shredder-related or otherwise, give us a call today!