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Save Paper and Save Money

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Printing can put in a dent in your wallet over time, so make sure to recycle, reduce, and reuse to save on paper and printing costs. Keep in mind that each time you use your printer, you are also using up those dollars spent on toner and ink. Save paper and save on printer cartridges by following these tips:

Know Your Printer

Knowing how to use your printer more effectively will help you save paper. For example, do a “print preview” before you print items to see if one line will require another page to be printed. Refrain from printing eight pages of a document just because you need pages five and six; reduce the print range to only the pages you need. When printing from websites, highlight only the text you need and choose “print selection,” which will also eliminate ads from being printed on the page. If you run into an issue when printing, clear the printer queue after the problem has been solved. This way, your printer will not print out the prior attempts you made.

Reuse Old Paper

Reuse paper whenever possible. You can print on the back side of papers or cut old papers in half to use as scrap paper. Create a scrap paper notebook by stapling a bunch of scrap paper together. Shred old papers to use as packing materials. Take it home for your kids to use as scratch paper for math homework.


Always proofread your work before printing. If you find a mistake after the fact, hit cancel quickly so you can avoid printing tons of pages that you will just end up throwing away. If the entire document prints before you notice the error, only reprint the page that contains the error, if possible.

Print on Both Sides

When printing multiple pages, print on both sides. You can also put a new print job on the other side of old papers. This should not be used for pages you would send to a client, but it works great for internal documents. Fill the paper tray with old printings and print your new page on the other side. Mark a line through the old side to make sure you don’t mistake it for something you need to read.

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