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Saving Printing Costs

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When it comes to printing in 2020, society’s fondness of saving paper is growing and growing. While printing is still necessary, there are many ways to save paper that you may have never thought of before. Here’s what to do:

Only Print What’s Necessary

While some people have no problem reading on screens, others prefer to read on printed paper. Printed documents are also easier to mark up, correct, take notes on, etc. Since they are physical objects, they do not crash or fail to start up like digital documents might. Documents are often printed as a precaution to file away. However, it is important to consider which documents truly need to be printed. Unimportant documents and emails do not have to be printed.

Wait to Replace Ink/Toner

It is a great feeling to have an ink cartridge or toner replacement on deck when you get the message that they are running low, but it does not always mean that you need to replace your cartridges immediately. You can still have a backup cartridge on hand, but you can wait until the cartridge is truly empty before replacing it. With toner cartridges, you can get a little more life out of the cartridge by removing it and shaking it a few times, horizontally back and forth. This helps distribute the toner powder inside the cartridge so it can be used longer.

Print with Certain Fonts

Fonts that consist of thick lines, wide letters, curls, and serifs use more printer ink and toner than reduced fonts. Ink-saving fonts include “Century Gothic” and “Garamond,” which can be found in most word processing programs. The top 3 fonts that use a significant amount of ink and toner are “Arial,” “Trebuchet,” and “Tahoma.” You can even reduce the font size on your documents to save paper and ink.

Color or Monochrome

Printing in black and white will save ink, so always consider whether or not it is absolutely necessary to print in color. Ink cartridges are typically more expensive than black cartridges, so printing in black and white will also save you money. Many printers offer a grayscale option, but unfortunately, printers often use colored ink for the grayscale.

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