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Thermal Printing and Its Benefits

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If you want to keep up with the competition, it’s imperative that your organization adapts to the changing needs in offices and employs the best technology to facilitate smoother communication. Kyocera products can help provide you with office solutions in Greenville, NC. If you have to meet your printing needs in the workplace, it makes sense to choose quality printers in Greenville, NC.

Thermal Printing

Thermal printing is one such advanced technology application made available with Kyocera printers. A thermal printer makes use of heat to create an image on a paper. Thermal rolls are specifically designed for thermal printers. These glossy rolls have a combination of chemicals and dyes on their surface, which produces an image when the heat is applied. It doesn’t require the use of ink cartridges to print.

Thermal printers find application in many businesses, regardless of whether it’s:

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Airlines
  • Healthcare

Several businesses, especially retail, make use of thermal printers to create a better point-of-sale experience for customers. Whether it’s to print ID badges, price tags, receipts, or shipping labels, thermal printers can offer several benefits for your business. These include:

Greater Printing Speed 

Thermal printing helps to print images much faster than traditional printers are capable of. The printing heads of thermal printers are capable of producing images in milliseconds with faster lines created per second. Even the images generated using such printers dry quicker, making them great for using to print labels or receipts.

Better Quality of the Print

Since there’s no ink cartridge used, the images produced using thermal printers don’t get smudged. Thermal printers create images that are of higher quality and have greater durability than traditional printers. The images they produce also last much longer and are resistant to factors like climate, several oils, and UV rays, to name a few.

Lower Cost of Printing

Thermal printing relies on the use of paper as the only consumable. Since they don’t use ink, they don’t need any ink cartridges or ribbons to produce images. All that’s required is the application of heat on paper to get the desired results. This helps to reduce the overall cost of printing for businesses since spending on supplies isn’t necessary.

Lower Cost of Maintenance 

Thermal printers come in compact sizes and have fewer moving parts when compared to traditional printers. This gives them greater reliability and durability. They suffer from lesser downtime than other printers and don’t require complex repairs. Servicing them also isn’t required as often. This means that they have a lower cost of maintenance which ultimately translates into lower overall cost of ownership.

More Efficient Work

No matter how good your traditional printer is, it can suffer from interruptions related to ink smudges or the replacement of ink cartridges and ribbons. Such interruptions can hamper workflow and lead to delays in meeting official deadlines. With a thermal printer, however, work can be done more efficiently without being impacted by any ink-related interruptions.

Their compact size also makes them lighter and portable, facilitating on-demand printing and they operate more quietly when compared to other printers.

You’ll find thermal printers to be one of the many advanced technology options offered by Kyocera products.