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Why You Need a Shredder in Your Office Supplies Greenville NC

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Despite the latest technology to keep all of your information digital, there is still a significant demand for paper documents and printing products. As the best crew of office supplies Greenville NC, Carraway Office Solutions has extensive knowledge in protecting confidential and important documentation. Our office solutions professionals have put together the greatest advantages of owning a shredder at the office.

Reduce Your Office Clutter

Nobody likes an office surrounded by boxes and boxes of paper documents. Having a shredder at the workplace allows the team to dispose of documents that may contain sensitive client information on the spot. Document shredding will reduce the clutter at the workplace and even make the office space more organized and efficient. Additionally, having a system to shred documents is convenient to help any team’s productivity.

Team and Customer Confidentiality

The experts in office supplies Greenville NC explain that keeping your team and client information as safe as possible is crucial for any business. Some of the documents that need to be disposed of for security purposes are:

  • Tax documentation
  • Bank statements
  • Old photo IDs
  • Void Checks
  • Old financial cards
  • Credit card offers
  • Paystubs

Identity Theft Prevention

According to U.S Identity Theft: The Star Reality, 47% of U.S consumers experienced identity theft. The report also found an increase of 42% in identity-related losses between 2019 and 2020. This means that shredding sensitive information and disposing of documents properly is crucial to preventing identity theft.

Complies with the Law

Many organizations such as medical, financial, and other fields have the responsibility to follow the law by disposing of customers’ information safely and securely. The laws that need to be complied with are:

  • SOX

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