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Why Your Office Still Needs a Printer

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In the year 2020, some people may think that office printers are no longer a necessity, especially if your office is making an attempt to or already has gone paperless. While going paperless is great for the environment and may making sharing documents easier, it may not be as beneficial as you may think. Office printers are still large contributors to the success of your business. Here’s why you should still have an office printer at your business:

Are Your Customers Paperless Too?

Your entire office may be on board with the paperless movement, but that does not mean that your customers are, too. Some of your clients may be small companies that rarely use computers, or maybe they are old-fashioned and don’t have much experience with them. If you send them an invoice in the form of a PDF rather than sending it in the mail, both parties might end up inconvenienced. If you still want to work towards being paperless though, give your clients options. Some may opt for the digital side of things, while others may prefer hard copies.

Technological Issues

Computers crash, and it often seems to happen in the worst of times. If this were to happen at your office, your company may permanently lose personal data, documents, and spreadsheets. No, you do not need to keep hard copies of every single document, just the personal and important ones. That way, if something goes wrong, you still have the information.

Increase Engagement

Sometimes people simply prefer to have a document to hold rather than looking at it on a computer screen. Giving employees the option to work off of a piece of paper could increase productivity in your office. Consider providing handouts when giving a presentation; it may increase engagement amongst team members.

Physical Mail

Sure, an email saying thank you is considerate, and an e-vite does the job, but it truly feels nice to receive something personally addressed to you in the mail. Sending out small mailers or coupons in the mail is a great way to make customers feel appreciated.

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