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At Carraway Office solutions we want to ensure that your office runs as smoothly as possible. We offer a line of quality office business supplies to business in Greenville NC. More importantly than that, we offer service our customers can count on. Every one of our products comes with the assurance that we will support you and your products to ensure things in your office move smoothly. Whether you need a printer, shredder, or folder, we can get you the machine you need.


Dealing with a printer that’s at the end of its life cycle can be a pain. At Carraway Office Solutions we’ll help you get a new printer but also make sure that you get the printer that best suits your needs. Having a printer that is right for your needs can increase the life of your printer and save you valuable time. If your printer is not made to handle your level of printing, it will quickly lead to complications. We also offer printer cartridges and toner so that you can keep your machine running without having to worry.


Your Shredder is a vital part of your office. The most obvious benefit that an office shredder can offer to your business is privacy. You can rest assured that your sensitive documents are safely disposed of after you’ve put them through the shredder. There is another, lesser-known, benefit of using a shredder in your office. Using a shredder in your office will lessen your environmental footprint. Once your documents are shredded, the process of recycling them into new paper becomes much more accessible. A shredder can not only protect your sensitive documents but also help you make your office more green. At Carraway Office Solutions, we can help you choose the right shredder and help you maintain your shredder.


Though an industrial folder may not be the right addition to every office, in some cases they can be worth their weight in gold. Employee payroll is typically the most considerable expense for a small business. If your business needs paper folding, the cost of paying an employee to fold paper can get costly quickly. An industrial folder can eliminate the time your employees spend on folding and give them time to focus on more important tasks.

Equipment Service

At Carraway Office Solutions, we offer equipment service to compliment your machine. You’ve got better things to do than look up error codes, so let us take care of your printer. Our staff has years of experience and extensive knowledge about the machines that we offer. Our Equipment service can save you and your team the time and hassle of dealing with a malfunctioning printer.

At Carraway Office Solutions, we have the office solutions you need for your small office. Whether you need a new machine or an equipment service contract on an existing machine, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today.